Jim Smith

“Here at Cheapy Tire & Automotive, we take price in being locally owned and operated and prefer to build good solid working relationships with other locally owned and operated businesses and Bluewater Group has proven time and time again that their inventory, knowledge and quick response is invaluable to us. “

Cheapy Tire & Automotive - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Darrell Herrle

“The Calmont Group and Bluewater have been in a technical relationship for over 10 years. With the technical expertise of Dave and Sydney were able to deliver over 35 years of product knowledge and customer service as well as unique formulations of the Mobil Delvac products to our customers. Furthermore, with the expertise of Dale were able to deliver these products to our valued customers without any time delays. Our growing business couldn’t be accomplished without the help of the Bluewater Group.”

The Calmont Group - Edmonton, AB
Joe Stang & Joanne Dykstra

“The Bluewater Group, especially Sydney Lewis and Dave Danberger, have been instrumental to our business success. They strive to work collaboratively to ensure that we can get quality products to our customers at a competitive price on a timely basis. They are simply the best in this industry.”

Daystar Petroleum LTD. - Edmonton, Alberta
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