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“We want you to love your job. Because when you love your job, you’ll do great things. Come and do great things with us.”

Why Choose Bluewater Group?

  • Competitive Salary and Benefits
  • RRSP program
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Wellness Programs
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Diverse and inclusive Culture
  • Values family, and offers flexibility
  • Leader in our industry

“What Our Employees Are Saying About The Company Culture At Bluewater Group”

  • Hardworking, Caring, Easy-Going
  • Welcoming, family, Driven
  • Responsible, Caring, Understanding
  • Challenging, Optimistic, Fun
  • Fun, Cooperative, Can-do
  • Personality, Vison, Influence
  • Fast-Paced, Friendly, Inclusive
  • Teamwork, Respectful, Committed
  • Efficient, Diligent, Friendly

“What Our Leaders Are Saying”

  • Bluewater has instilled a sense of pride in me. I have been a part of the growth of the company for almost the past two decades from the 18 employees in 2001 to the approximately 300 employees today. It is a great story of breaking down barriers, exploring avenues of growth and evolving culture. We have held true to our marine roots with a can-do attitude and a real sense of urgency that is customer driven and solution focused. I get real joy from interacting with employees and clients alike. I am very proud to work for Bluewater!
  • The Bluewater Group is a dynamic organization that can adapt to changing environments across all our lines of business. The key aspect is a hands-on ownership team that understands our businesses and actively invites feedback and suggestions from all staff. The phrase “people, process and product” always rings true within the Bluewater Group as it takes good people to enact strong processes to ensure our products AND services always reach our customers at the right time. Our people are THE difference maker in the marketplace.
  • Bluewater means working with an incredible work family for a company that supports me and my own family. It offers opportunities and challenges in existing and future markets for personal and professional growth.
  • Bluewater is the real deal. It’s real people, working really hard and achieving real, concrete success. There’s continuous improvement, positivity and growth but, more than that, there is an overwhelming sense that we are all in this together and we will achieve greatness. It’s such an exciting time to be part of this incredible company as we navigate through rapid growth, policy implementation and cultural transformation to claim our rightful place as industry leaders in all aspects of our business. Although the achievements to date are commendable, we’re only just getting started.
  • Bluewater is a high energy, exciting place to work with incredible staff who are engaged in the success of the business and their clients. I have been working with Bluewater since 2018 and in that time have quickly come to appreciate the commitment to the clients, and staff at all levels in the organization. The “yes we can” attitude runs from top to bottom of the organization and empowers employees to make decisions that support our customers and employees. It’s great to be a part of this energetic and dynamic team.