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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Terms of sale call for payment in full of all accounts 30 days from date of invoice unless otherwise specified, in writing, by the Seller. Default in payment will result in a 2% monthly interest charge (24% per annum) on all past due accounts. Customer does hereby authorize the Seller to conduct all credit investigations necessary for approval of this application and periodic updates. Materials will not be accepted for returns unless authorized by the Seller. Title to materials will not pass until full payment is made.
AGREEMENT: Blue Water Group shall have all remedies available which includes the right to enforce remedies in accordance with applicable law as a secured party. In the event of an NSF cheque, a $50.00 fee will be charged. The Purchaser acknowledges to have kept a copy of this signed Credit Application and Agreement.
PRIVACY POLICY AND CONSENT: I acknowledge that Blue Water Group may have collected personal information from me, as defined by the Personal information Protection Electronics Documents Act or other provincial legislation. I consent to the use of this information for the purposes described.