With so many sources of automotive and commercial lubricants available today, what makes the Mobil-Bluwater Combination such a good choice for my business?

By offering your customers world-renowed Mobil™ lubricants you’re providing a unique range of protection for their vehicles, encourgaing customer loyalty and repeat business. Bluewater is Canada’s largest independent distributor of premium Mobil™ Products. Our high standards of service and delivery can help make your operation more efficient and your business more profitable.

The Mobil™ name has a powerful association with synthetic lubricants, but many of my customers still prefer conventional, non-synthetic engine oils. What's in it for them if I start offering Mobil™ Products

Your customers will have a full range of products, enabling them to choose precisely the level of performance best suited to their vehicle and driving conditions. For example, customers who:

  • Drive older vehicles
  • Operate under severe conditions
  • Require dependable cold weather
  • Look for fuel economy
  • Want to extend their oil drain intervals and safe engine

Can choose the synthetic or conventional lubricant that most effectively meets their needs. Bluewater will not only provide the Mobil engine oils, we’ll also provide the expertise and materials to help your customers to make the choice that’s right for them, promoting long term loyalty and growth for your business.

We appreciate that Mobil has a high profile worldwide; but what will that do for my business here in Canada?

Keep in mind that Mobil earned that high profile through technologically advanced products that deliver real world levels of performance and protection. These are values that are particularly important to Canadian motorists who often drive in severe conditions and through a wide range of temperatures. Mobil has a devoted following among auto enthusiasts who influence the decisions of friends and family, sending customers your way through “word of mouth.”

Our business is already doing well. Why should we risk making a change to another line of lubricants?

If you’re already successful, you should have an even more promising future with Mobil™ lubricants. Premium lubricant sales are growing faster than the market as a whole. Mobil 1™, with its technological advantages and strong ties to racing, is not only the world’s best selling synthetic lubricant, it has the fastest growing market share among synthetic motor oils in Canada. The Bluewater team is committed to make your business a part of this success.