Why ACT Lubricants?

ACT manufactures and blends a line of PAG (polyalkylene glycol) synthetic hydraulic and gear fluids designed for applications beyond the capabilities of other mineral, synthetic or bio-based lubricants.

Their unique, high performance product line include marine and other environmentally friendly and compliant fluids that offer performance and environmental protection not available from other types of lubricants.

Their non-varnishing, long life PAG fluids are also designed for use in extreme temperature conditions including systems calling for fire resistant hydraulic fluids as well as lubricants used in gas turbines and nuclear power plants.

How to Find the Right Lubricant

To help you choose the right product for each application, you can browse products and details by category below.

Eco Safe Lubricants

EcoSafe FR Line

American Chemical Technologies (ACT)’s EcoSafe FR line combines a PAG synthetic, readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid with FM approved fire resistant capabilities with superior lubrication performance, offering extremely high thermal capabilities that offer long oxidation and fluid lifespan for virtually any application. EcoSafe FR fluids are approved by all hydraulic component manufacturers as well as equipment OEM’s such as Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu and Kawasaki.

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EcoSafe V Series

American Chemical Technologies (ACT)’s EcoSafe V Series is a line of PAG/Vegetable based synthetic blend hydraulic fluids which are FM approved fire resistant, are readily biodegradable and suitable for many off-road and industrial applications. EcoSafe V Series fluids are very oxidative and chemically stable fluids to ensure excellent lubrication and maximum fluid life.

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Neptune Lubricants

American Chemical Technologies (ACT)’s Neptune line of AW hydraulic and EP/non EP gear fluids deliver high performance, environmentally compliant lubricants for hydraulic systems or enclosed gears in Industrial applications. These anhydrous, PAG fluids are ideally suited for use in marine applications or any equipment in or around water. These fluids offer not only excellent lubrication but also have oxidation resistance with thermal and chemical stability not available from any other conventional mineral, synthetic or bio based lubricant. Neptune fluids are readily biodegradable, non-sheening lubricants that go far beyond the performance and environmental protection offered by other bio based lubricants. Unlike all other biodegradable oils which can be classified as marine pollutants by both Transport Canada or the US EPA, these fluids sink and dissolve in water and are not classified as oil or marine pollutants, therefore reducing or eliminating environmental liabilities in the way of fines and cleanups.

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