Blue Water Group is an authorized trusted distributor of Mobil™ lubricants, ACT lubricants, and Esso fuels. As a partner, we are required to meet specific requirements to ensure that we optimize your needs.


Mobil™ lubricants are recommended by more original equipment manufacturers than any other brand. In the innovative field of synthetics, the Mobil™ range is unsurpassed. These high-performance products operate over a wide temperature range, often eliminating the need for seasonal changes. Long-life Mobil™ lubricants can enable significant savings in maintenance and repairs, and in lubricant handling and disposal.

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American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is the exclusive source of PAG (polyalkylene glycol) based lubricants. As the recognized leader in the manufacture and development of PAG based synthetic lubricants, they provide unsurpassed quality and personal service. These industrial high performance lubricants provide unique and specialized protection for equipment and the environment not available from other types of lubricants.


Esso Fuels – Energy Lives Here. Esso fuels provide the energy for every journey…wherever life takes you, Esso has the quality fuels to take you there!